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Cost of programs

The best way to determine your personal costs for weight loss is to contact us. This is because each Valley Weight Loss Clinic program is customized for you by our team. Plans are based on your starting body composition (% fat saladvs % muscle), how quickly you would like to lose weight, and what your overall weight loss goals are. Plans can include one-on-one visits with our Registered Dietitian, medical visits with Dr. Hella (as needed), low calorie meal replacements, medications (as appropriate), group classes, as well as regular body composition assessments (weight checks).

Some of these visits may be covered by your insurance plan. Additionally, some expenses may be reimbursed through medical spending accounts. Costs largely depend on your own starting point, as well as your level of motivation.

The cost of meal replacements can range from $12.50 – $25.00/day. According to a 2012 Gallup poll, the average American spends about $151 per week on food (per person). Depending on your personal food budget (including eating out, groceries, snacks and trips to coffee shops), our plans may actually save you money!

Body Mass Index (BMI) vs. Body Composition

Body Composition analysis is FREE during your initial consultation at Valley Weight Loss Clinic. This analysis includes a number of measurements providing an in-depth look at your body make up. These numbers are then used to assess your current health status and to develop a weight loss program that will maximize overall health.

BMI is a standard height to weight ratio useful for classifying risks associated with weight gain. However, BMI is only one measure of healthy weight and can often be misleading if an individual is very muscular or unconditioned. This is where measuring one’s body composition is valuable. Body composition separates fat mass from lean mass and provides a better assessment of an individual’s health status.

When starting on a weight loss program, it is ideal to track body composition to measure your progress. At Valley Weight Loss Clinic, we regularly check body composition to check that patients are losing fat and not muscle. Weight loss plans are adjusted to ensure continued fat loss.


cplogoPatients of Valley Weight Loss Clinic can experience the programming and instruction at Courts Plus. Visit www.courtsplus.org to see all that Courts Plus has to offer.  Contact us today to learn about our partnership with Courts Plus.