Weight Loss Programs


factsheetOPTIFAST is a medically based weight loss treatment program that helps patients lose weight safely. Even more important, OPTIFAST programing assists patients in and maintaining their weight loss through education and ongoing support. Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment combines a high quality, calorie controlled liquid diet with behavior modification, nutrition education, psychological support and medical monitoring of patient’s conditions. No worrying about what you will be eating or food choices, this “stimulus narrowing” can be thought of as an “intervention” allowing for very efficient weight loss – quick enough to keep you motivated. Patients enrolled in the OPTIFAST program often experience medically significant weight loss, improved: Blood Pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol with an average weight loss of 50lbs.  Our Optiflex option can be followed for patients needing some flexibility with the Optifast program. Clinic staff will work to adjust the meal replacements to create a manageable plan.


The Medifast 5&1 plan is designed for fast, safe, weight loss with five specially formulated meals and one Lean and Green meal of your own. Individuals can lose 2-5 pounds a week for the first two weeks and 1-2 pounds a week thereafter. We recommend Medifast for individuals who are looking for some guidance in their weight loss efforts and those who want to maintain the option of eating one meal per day. Individuals are encouraged to meet regularly with staff through their active weight loss period. Follow up weight checks are encouraged to maintain weight loss.

Weight Management Group Program for Medicare Patients

This 6 month program is exclusively designed to support individuals with Medicare amid their unique challenges to weight loss. Partially covered by Medicare this plan includes: Bi-monthly sessions containing brief visits with Dr. Brent Hella or Susan Hanson, PAC followed by group discussion on various aspects of nutrition and health behavior led by our behaviorist or dietitian. Body composition analysis is also completed at each visit to monitor weight loss and ensure that individuals are losing weight safely. OPTIFAST or Medifast meal replacements are utilized during the active weight loss phase of the program, ensuring safety.  **This program is currently only offered at our Fargo Clinic.

Nutrition Counseling/Meal Planning

Fitness composition with, health themeIndividuals seeking weight management through meal planning and reduced calories will find help at Valley Weight Loss Clinic. Our registered dietitians will guide patients through the various aspects of designing a successful, personalized plan including: grocery shopping, meal planning, portion sizes, and daily caloric intake. Patients with specific health issues including diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension will also find an appointment with our dietitians well worth their time.

Prescription Weight Loss Medications

As part of the comprehensive care provided at Valley Weight Loss Clinic there are times when prescription weight loss medications can be helpful. Through careful assessment and discussion with our patients, our team identifies the best options for each individual. Years of experience allow Dr. Hella and his team to understand the risks, benefits and side effects of using prescription weight loss medications. They are well educated on new and upcoming medication options. Common medications used include Phentermine, Zonagran, Metformin and Tenuate. Equally important to our patients’ success is the thorough review of our patients current medications. We assist patients in understanding the impact these medications can have on weight gain and how they can deter weight loss as well.